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1 place | 1 hour per week | a self managed app for your biz

The Get My Life Back Pack: made for business owners like you.

Our software was created to make up for that extra time that business owners lack. Every tool in the software was developed to save time. Listing allows you to publish listings to 75+ directories from one place. Reviews can send as many invitations you would like and respond to those reviews in a timely manner. With the social dashboard you can manage multiple social platforms without having multiple windows or apps open and schedule posts out far in advance. No more paying thousands of dollars to just land on page one. Once you are there, you won't fall off page one like the large companies claim. That is a mere scare tactic and with my software, you will never have to worry about falling off because we have that all automated for you across the www and at your fingertips. No ore hard to understand reports and fluffy messages. 


NEW RELEASE: Text Marketing now available. ONE Month FREE with renewal and only $25 monthly when you are a current customer.

Business Partners

As a Business Partner with the AGENCY-M2, I will coach and familiarize you with the software. It makes everything you're used to, easy. One log in, one hour a week. Self manage by your. and coached by me.

My goal is to achieve your business goals through consistent use of Social Proof by M2 software and its assets. True value comes when you, the business owner understands how to use the software yourself and see your numbers grow! During our time we do business together, I will always be checking up on and holding you accountable for your online presence.

About Us

SEO | Online Presence Management & Website Design and Management


Search Engine Optimization is a loaded phrase and for many, can be very confusing when making the decisions for your business. I will assure you, I am you. I own and operate my own brick and mortar retail land service locations and have for the last 10 years. I am a small business owner who forced her way into the digital marketing world for the greater good of my own companies. I have been hands on in the entire process of my own online presence and can relate on levels some companies can't provide. 

We design fully optimized and responsive design websites. We provide the entire package with website design, set up and management. From simple professional product imagery to onsite videography. We will customize a site that brings the vision and mission of your brand and business. Whatever your goals may be, today you must show up better than your competition in order to be chosen. Websites are a dime a dozen and can be as cheap as you want them to be. However, not all websites are designed for driving business to your business. Don;t be fooled by something that seems to good to be true, you'd be wasting not only your money but a whole lot of time to set up and maintain. 

Branding | Photography Videography


Working with Eben over the last few years has increased my own online brand presence and took us to another level. We went from good to OUTSTANDING! There is nothing like using your own images from your salon or restaurant or store. We provide outstanding services in photography and videography. We work together as.a team on location and stage onsite sessions with you and your staff and customers.. We can take your brand to the next level or we can create whole new brand in itself. In today's world, your social media and websites are your resume. You better get it looking great and quick to keep the attention of the 2.5 seconders. It is a fact that on average if you do not grnabthe attention of the customer within 2.5 seconds, you lost the sale WOW right!!!


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